The Next Frontier

Just more than nine months ago I started my own web consulting business with a mission of helping companies launch products, improve processes, build teams, articulate visions and goals, strategize, build API programs, and program events.

As soon as I started my business, customers started pouring in out of the woodwork by word of mouth referrals. The demand for authentic, human-centered, accessible, empathetic and skilled web consulting was off the charts. I was off and running—I didn’t even have time to come up with a name, much less create a website or elaborate branding.

So Kristen Womack Consulting it was: a go-to service for growing and scaling companies and products with less waste and more efficiency, with a focus on empowering my clients. For the past nine months, I’ve been helping to launch businesses, define ambitious visions and break them down into manageable, actionable steps, and get people to their goals more quickly.

My customers have launched new websites, products, blogs and stores. It’s been an amazing year of getting to launch, launch, launch. But even better than the invigoration of serving as a “digital doula,” helping to deliver all these unique dreams and visions into the world, is actually being home when my son leaves for school and arrives home at the end of the day. After years of working for others, from big corporations to lean startups, I finally found my happiness in designing my own life so I can thrive as both a mother and ambitious professional.

Now that the foundation has been laid, I’m ready to build on it. Last month, I decided to augment my company and start forming a team. It was the only way to take on bigger projects and help more people launch their dreams. So I’ve teamed up with Keegan Garvey, an unbelievably gifted UX designer, visionary and close friend, who happens to share all my most cherished dreams and values.

Keegan and I met almost five years ago in prenatal yoga, only to find out that we worked on the same floor in the Best Buy dotcom department. We were immediately drawn to each other in our pregnancy journeys. We witnessed one another become mothers and supported each other’s careers. We were on the same nursing schedule at work, where our babies hung out two floors below us. (There’s a special kind of bond that can only be formed by talking shop with your boobs resting outside of the nursing shirts you sewed together on maternity leave.)

Over the years, our kids have been in the same classes and we’ve continued to work together on side projects. We both eventually left Best Buy to take separate gigs elsewhere, both of us hungering for work that put value on people over profits. But, as the saying goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and we found we were still unsatisfied with our next employers.

So, here we are. We’ve decided to act on our shared passion for launching new products and services, working with small teams and putting the customer first.

We are Night Sky Web Co., a web company that puts people, mission and impact at the very top of our priority list. We are committed to hiring and working with diverse teams with diverse perspectives to create the best products; to making our customers’ digital initiatives successful; and to helping people work smarter and more efficiently.

We believe in the power of dreams, the importance of fun, the virtue of empathy, the beauty of bold visions and the world-changing potential of equal-opportunity empowerment.

The best part of working for yourself in 2016 is being able to work from anywhere. I’m writing this blog from Boston, and Keegan is in Iceland. But we’ll both be back in Minneapolis next week, ready and eager to throw open the doors of Night Sky Web Co. and help you make your dreams a reality with the power of the web.